SEO and marketing

Google page search engine ranking optimization

Our all the website templates, pages, course design and test is in accordance to Google guide for better ranking.

Individual/test series course keyword

Our keywords and tags helps you to beat the competition and get higher ranking in Google search.

Beautiful email templates

Emails are essential to growth and key tool of communication, our templates are beautiful designed and responsive.

Email and SMS students

Inbuilt SMS and email facility enables you to send email and SMS directly though any list whether its enquiry or registered students or you can import your own list.

Track various reports

Get report on which marketing tool is performing better with which offering and improve it to engage and sell more.

Send mobile push notification

Don’t restrict yourself with only SMS and email send push notification to known demography completely free.

Hosting Space reports

Push outbound call to generate lead or do survey with your recorded message of 30 second pulse or 60 second pulse.

Create landing pages

Landing pages are essential to success, generate amazing landing pages with call on action.

Affiliate marketing

Set up your own affiliate channel to sell more, track their performance and manage incentives.

Social share of courses and test series

Sharing courses or test link in social media can create a buzz and improves your chance to come on first page in Google search.

Google analytics

We integrate Google analytics to give you important information about your visitors such as geography, demography, device, browser, time spent on page etc.

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